• Blockchain bank

    A new way to store, use and multiply values.

  • Blockchain


    New technology for banking business


    Chain of blocks

    We use the open blockchain Waves Platform, which allows transactions in 1 minute. Investors have invested 17 million dollars in it. More than 1 million wallets have already been opened on the blockchain. In 2017, Deloitte became a partner of Waves.

    Automatic trading system

    We have developed and used a trading robot for profitable arbitrage and inter-exchange trading. On the deposit of $ 1000 for the first 11 months of operation, the bot showed a result of 630% in dollars and 2000% in btc.


    Trading bot works without a break for lunch and rest. He does not care how much and where to trade. He trades developer money and makes a profit. But it can trade much more. The volume of daily trading on the stock exchanges are measured in many tens of billions of dollars. Attracting investment allows us to earn money for customers and to earn a commission for this in the income of a bank.

  • Robot


    Automated Trading System


    The robot makes deals using two trading algorithms - arbitrage and liquidity supply (market-making). Artificial intelligence and machine learning work in the newest technological pair. Three steps to investment



    Top up your wallet


    Transfer to the wallet the amount you want to invest


    Buy Bank Tokens


    Your money will go to the management of the trading robot, and you will receive bank tokens



    Fix income


    The bot conducts transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges, receives income and redeems its tokens, raising their price

  • Result

     Statistics of the trading system

    $ 1000



    The size of the current deposit

    $ 150'000'000

    Total volume of transactions


    Total number of transactions

    18 months

    The term of the bot


    Number of traded assets


    Paid commission

  • Deposit

    Deposit and money withdrawal.

    Crypto Exchangers

    The safest way to make deposit is to use cryptocurrency exchanges - Binance, BITmex, Bithumb, OKEx.

  • Token


    Value unit


    Bank value for customers is contained in the tools that we offer to users. The more convenient the services, the wallet, the transfer of funds, the more money the trading robot brings, the more valuable the bank is to customers. Value is expressed in tokens. The price of the token shows the exchange.

    Growth perspective

    All profits of the bank go to buy a token from the exchange. This allows the token to always increase in value.

    Convenience and safety

    A token in a wallet is another cryptocurrency, as convenient, safe and fast as any other. It can be spent, sent, exchanged.
  • Wallet

    A handy app for any device.   Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux и MacOS.


    Online wallet is always available - it does not need to be installed, it opens immediately.

  • Team

    Experts, consultants and investors

    Makarov Vitaly


    Idea, creative, promotion

    Isaev Denis


    Lead Developer

    Architecture, algorithms, debugging