• We have increased our trading account from $1'000 to $28'000 in 19 months.

    Do you want the same thing?


    Exchange serves to exchange assets.

    We are looking for situations in which it is possible to swap three assets between each other, while making a profit.


    For example, asset A is exchanged for asset B, then asset B is exchanged for asset С, then asset С is exchanged back for asset A, with a profit.


    Such situations are rare, but they do happen.

    This process is called financial three-point arbitrage.


    The trading account is on the Waves blockchain.


    Waves Explorer - to view transactions and money transfers.


    Starting balance was in December 2017 (first 10 transactions).

    Current balance now.


    The Purchaser understands that its investment in the token involves a significant degree of risk,

    including a risk of total loss of the Purchaser’s investment, and the Purchaser has full cognizance of

    and understands all of the risk factors related to the Purchaser’s purchase of the token.


    The Purchaser understands that the market price of the token has been volatile

    and that no representation is being made as to the future value of the token.